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What the heck is the Silverado Country Fair?
Well, just miles from the inner city life of Orange County, lies the little ‘ole town of Silverado Canyon! This country town of less than 1,500 residents was once inhabited by the Acjachemen (Juaneno) Native American Tribe, then later home of the 1800’s Bluelight silver boom and early settler folk.

In February 1969, rainstorms flooded Silverado and Modjeska canyons and homes were washed away. Six people were killed when the Silverado Fire Station was hit by mudslides. The Silverado Country Fair was held in 1970 as a way to help bring the community together after the devastating rains and fundraise for families. 

The 47th Annual Silverado Country Fair and Folk Festival October 14th-15th, 2017, is gonna’ be the best family event of the season and will explore the wonders of the area’s Old West rustic culture, great live music, tasty food, handmade arts and crafts, 1800’s period activities, children’s petting zoo, Steampunk magic show, games and silly ‘ole timey’ contests, all nestled under the Oak trees below Orange County’s famous Saddleback Mountain.

The event kicks off at 9:00 am Saturday morning with the 47th annual “Unparade” lead by the notorious wagon driven Silverado Outlaws! Western horseback riders, Acjachemen tribe, scouts, dancers and classic cars will be paradin’ past homes and businesses along Silverado Canyon Road to the "fairgrounds." Don’t miss the live action robbery and gunfight at the Silverado Café and Canyon Market area! (Don’t worry kids…the Outlaws promise to give back what they steal!)

Down at the "fairgrounds" the Silverado Country Fair opens at 10:00 am with live music, dancing, and gun ‘slingin’ fun! Local art & craft merchants will be showin’ their wares and families can experience making old ‘timey crafts of the 1800’s with Mountain Man Joel Robinson & family dressed in period garb. There's a community DIY (Do It Yourself) homestead workshop where folks can learn to pickle, ferment and even raise chickens! Hungrier visitors will love the “by golly tastiest and wholesomest’ country cookin’ ya ever ate served all weekend. 

Country, Western, Bluegrass, Folk & Blues bands will entertain throughout the weekend. 2016 fair entertainment highlights included
Girl Scouts Ballet Folklorico, Acjachemen Storytellers, Canyon Creek Ramblers, Geoff Sarkissian, Sweetwater Creek Band, Liz Hill and the Old Man Band, Road Kill Kings. Three Blind Mice, and 3rd Degree Blues! Sunday’s fair concludes with The Budrows Cigar Box Blues party and OC’s favorite Grateful Dead tribute band...CUBENSIS!

The Silverado Country Fair & Folk Festival is held annually at the Silverado Community Center "Fairgrounds", located just one mile into Silverado Canyon, and only minutes away from the cities of Orange, Lake Forest, Santa Margarita and Irvine. Come experience one of the last Wild West towns of the OC and invite your friends and family! You’re all welcome to DRESS HILLBILLY WESTERN and bring ‘yer country attitude!  No Hooch, No Pooch, No ATM”...meanin' no doggies nor spirits in the park and bring yer' gold with ya' cuz that there ATM machine is up yonder road!

Date: Saturday & Sunday, October 14th-15th, 2017 

Time: Daytime Fair 10:00 am to 6:00 pm


Saturday Night Music Fest till' 10:00 pm

Location: Silverado Community Center
27641 Silverado Canyon Rd, Silverado, CA, 92676

Cost: Adult admission: $5/Kids 4-12 only $3, under 3 FREE!

Saturday Night BLUES Fest: $5 for everyone

* Proceeds from this event go to Silverado Canyon area community non profit organizations.  

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Check out our favorite fair video from the past!
Music by  Sligo Rags and the Sons of the Pioneers.

"First we hang'em then we have a trial" is the canyon vigilante way of justice at the Silverado Jail! 
Fer' only $5 BAIL to charity, you can lock up yer' friends or unwanted kinfolk fer' doin' absolutely nuthin and frame 'em with a 'real live' WANTED poster or bail receipt! 

Event Contact & Craft Faire
Jane Bove (714) 649-2411

Entertainment, Jail & Saloon
Chay Peterson (714) 649-2820

UNParade & Characters
Vivian Wyngaarden (714) 649-2127

Wild West Set Construction
Brett Peterson

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